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There are two options for ministers who are looking to be ordained or licensed through Global Harvest International Fellowship.

  1. 1.The first is to submit an application for approval at the recommendation of a sponsor with their signature affixed to the bottom of the application. The sponsor must be a seasoned minister who is in good standing with GHIF. The application will be submitted to the presbytery for review and follow up to determine if it has been approved.

  2. 2.Those who are new to the ministry or desire to become a minister are encouraged to use the Seminary tab provided on this website. You will be redirected to Global Harvest Bible Institute and Seminary. This affordable, flexible, online bible school is a great start to becoming a Licensed or Ordained minister.

All Affiliates (Licensed/Ordained Ministers) MUST first submit a GHIF Membership Application. The Affiliate Application is for those seeking credentials. There is no cost for the Membership Application but Affiliates pay an annual fee to remain credentialed.